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Now You Can Automate Your Entire Push Notification Business!

I have a quick question for you..

How would you like to automate your push notifications on your websites?

As a member of Push Connect Notify, you just received an unlimited personal use license to use on as many websites, landing pages, sales pages, eCommerce stores as you want..

But logging in every day to “send a notification” can be quite a headache..

So I want to help you today by providing a solution to make this process work on complete autopilot.

Introducing AutoPush – The “automated series for Push Notifications.”

With this new technology, you can now set up an automated series that runs on autopilot and will automatically notify your visitors for up to 14 days.

That means when a visitor comes to your site and accepts your push notification, our system can send them to whatever page you want, whatever link you want, and there is zero limitations.

And it’s done AUTOMATICALLY for you!

Plus.. my favorite part? Our system will automatically attempt to deliver your messages for 24 hours at a time, to ensure the highest level of delivery and click thru rate.


You’ll get the ability to “control your list” with…

With AutoList, you can target your audience EXACTLY with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It allows you to segment by device, location, browser, and even click date.

AND it even allows you to create segments and exclusions, so your notifications are being sent to only those you want to!

Example #1:

Let’s say you post a brand new blog post and you want it to go to only those who are on chrome and on android phones..

You can do that with AutoList – targeting those EXACT people with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Example #2:

You posted a new pair of shoes on your eCommerce store, and you’re only interested in reaching people in the USA who have Firefox and Safari who have clicked on your notifications..

You can do that with AutoList – segmenting EXACTLY who you want to connect and notify.

Example #3:

Let’s say you posted a new product review on your page and it’s for Mac users. You can create a “list” that excludes both chrome and firefox users and only notifies the Mac users.. allowing you to have a super targeted list of notifications sent out.

You can do that with AutoList, excluding anyone you don’t want to notify.

These 2 technologies allow you to take the Push Notification to the most advanced levels possible.

And it’s all part of Push Connect Notify Pro!

Now.. I’m sure you’re wondering what this is going to cost you.

I’ll keep it really simple for you.

We could easily charge you $199 a month for this package, as it’s worth every penny.

As they say.. "Time is money" and with Push Connect Notify Pro.. We’re saving you tons of time and allowing you to make more money by letting your business run on automation.

So today, I’m going to keep it really simple.


That’s it.. just 1 payment of $98 will get you instant access to Push Connect Notify Pro..

And yes, that includes any updates and continued support to ensure our technology is top notch.

So upgrade your account today to PRO by clicking the button below.